3 1/2 – 4 Year Old

Since play is a child’s work, this class is structured to let children truly enjoy learning!  Here, students choose daily from a wide variety of interest centers that encourage them to develop self-confidence, self-direction, and a positive feeling toward learning.  They will continue to build upon their socialization skills, and experience the early successes he or she needs to grow while having fun at the same time!

  • Children attending this class must be fully toilet trained.
  • Students enrolling in this class must be 3 before September 1st.
  • Enroll in this class if your child has already participated in our 2 day 3’s class, and if they are
    ready for a 3 day program with a bit more academic structure.

Mon/Wed/Fri AM 8:45-11:45

(Class Size 18)